Shubarkol Premium JSC passed the listing procedure on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) in the "shares" sector of the alternative site. According to the certificate of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on state registration of securities issue dated June 20, 2017, the issue of announced shares of Shubarkol Premium JSC is divided into 5 million ordinary shares assigned the national identification number KZ1С60530017. Production forecast for 2017-2025.
Shubarkol Premium JSC was registered on April 24, 2017. Initially, the development of the coal mine was carried out by JV Arbat LLP, established in 2013 to implement the project to develop the Shubarkol coal deposit (Central-2 Site) in the Karaganda region of Central Kazakhstan.
5 years
Active work
Arbat JV was renamed to Shubarkol Premium LLP
Production profile exceeded 3 million tons in 2017
5 mln
Production profile for 2023-2025 – 5 million tons
Establishment of an enterprise for the grade "D" coal production, with further processing and production of semi-coke, coal-tar, semi-coking gas, synthetic liquid fuel. In accordance with the Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Participants of the Partnership, JV Arbat LLP was renamed to Shubarkol Premium LLP on June 24, 2016, which was later reorganized by way of transformation into Shubarkol Premium JSC.
Shubarkol Premium JSC is engaged in the long-flame coal (grade "D") production, which is supplied to the domestic market, countries of near and far abroad, in 0-50 mm, 25-50 mm, 50-200 mm, 0-300 mm fractions. The total production profile in 2016 amounted to 801 thousand tons. The production profile in 2017 exceeded 3 million tons. In 2017-2020 Shubarkol Premium JSC expects to achieve the following results:

Grade “D” long-flame coal


In wetlands, plants are converted into peat under the action of many bacterias, then into brown coal, and this, in turn, turns into stone coal after many years. In turn, hard coal is marked according to its property and characteristics, one of the brands, long-flame coal, is indicated by the letter "D". Grade "D" is characterized by a higher calorific value and therefore is used as a fuel.

•Electric power industry;

•Thermal power equipment of industrial enterprises;

•Chemical enterprises;

•Department of Housing and Utilities;

•Heating systems of private houses.


Stone mineral grade "D" is considered the most suitable type of fuel that ensures the operation of furnaces and heating boilers. This is a long-flame coal, which got its name because of the formation of high flames, like firewood. It supports a long burning process and releases a large amount of heat without sintering. This type of fuel can be used in almost any system (even those not equipped with natural draft or forced air). It flares up very quickly, allows you to effectively heat private houses and medical institutions, administrative buildings

Shubarkol coal deposit

Coal was first discovered as a result of geological research in 1983.

The deposit is located in the Central Kazakhstan.

Area: 70 km2

Explored reserves: 2,147 million tons

Section "Central-2" field Shubarkolskoye

Located on the territory of Nurinsky district, Karaganda region, Republic of Kazakhstan. The nearest distance to large cities:
Nur-Sultan 357 km.
Karaganda 465 km.
Zhezkazgan 261 km.

The coal mine is connected with railway lines through the Shubarkol station of JSC NC "KTZ" in the directions:
Shubarkol - Arkalyk, Shubarkol - Kyzylzhar.

Also near the territory of the cut there is a road that connects with the republican highway A-17 Kyzylorda - Pavlodar

Legal Address:
Karaganda, Kazybek bi district , Bukhar-Zhyrau avenue, building 49/6

Phone number:
+7 (7212)-99-63-68 (reception)

Legal Address:
Karaganda, Kazybek bi district , Bukhar-Zhyrau avenue, building 49/6

Phone number:
+7 (7212)-99-63-68 (reception)

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